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Are you giving the command to your Dell printer to print multiple copies however it’s solely printing one page. It will be a difficulty associated with the printer software package or some hardware issues with the machine. you want to have conjointly noticed that uninstalling the printer and so putting in it back once more would have conjointly not corrected the error, and typically diagnostic tools may also not facilitate.

If these solutions work, then it’s commendable, however if they don’t, then it’s necessary to seem for a few alternative solutions to tackle the difficulty of Dell printer printing one page. For that, you wish to 1st explore what attainable mistakes you would possibly be creating that may result in this error and so you’ll implement the answer given during this diary.

You want to have discovered that as shortly as you provides a print command, the printer can print one page and so can simply stop printing. however the task window can show that the printing is complete, and you’ll see no explicit errors.

print single page

Possible Reason Behind This Issue

  • The printer spooler program is not working properly. It is a program which acts as a manager to the printer and gives the command to the printer via the network to commemorate print jobs.
  • The printer driver software might have become outdated or was not successfully installed in the computer
  • Maybe installing Windows Update is causing this problem. The Microsoft must have updated the Internet Explorer to version 11. The version IE11 is causing this problem.

Solution For This Issue in Dell Printer

Solution 1- Uninstall the printer once and install it back again by following the necessary method

Solution 2– Update the printer driver software if it needs one.

Solution 3- Look for an error in the printer spooler and fix it, if the printer spooler is a reason behind this error.

Solution 4 – Go to Internet Explorer, and then select the option of Help. After that navigate to the option of ‘About Internet Explorer’. See the version which has been installed. If it is showing IE11, then you need to uninstall it. For that go to Start>Windows Updates> Installed updates>Select Internet Explorer 11>Uninstall it.

Need Dell Printer Support

You can attempt all of those solutions one by one to examine whether or not the error has been resolved or not. once making an attempt every answer, you’re needed to restart the pc once. And if by any case, these solutions don’t work, then you want to avail the technical facilitate from Dell Printer Support Number and visit the techies to resolve the involved issue of Dell printer simply printing one page and do as they counsel.

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